Marshall Early Education Center

Garvey School District

San Gabriel, California

Garvey School District’s Marshall Early Education Center beautifully represents the rebirth of an aging facility on the brink of demolition – now breathing new life into surrounding families and communities in San Gabriel, California.

With early education programs needed to serve Garvey School District’s families a top priority, the District partnered with the Los Angeles County Office of Education to develop the Marshall Early Education Center, an 18,900 square foot facility located in the heart of San Gabriel.  The District site, once a shuttered 90-year-old elementary school, now serves 4 surrounding communities and has become a source of pride for the local area.

SGH Architects was honored to be a part of this historic facility’s transformation by providing innovative and strategic design solutions that supported the educational program needs, all while keeping the project’s budget below the renovation cost threshold for replacement.  This historic elementary school site (State Application Number 455 – approved in 1934) has been completely transformed into a state-of-the-art early education facility that will empower children and their families for many generations to come.