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We deliver gutsy design and remarkable experiences

Purpose, SGH Architects

By nature, we’re a curious bunch

We question, we observe, we listen, we question more, and then listen more. Our goal is to understand the mindset of the people who will inhabit the space that we’re designing for.

And as we dig deeper, we’ll uncover the insight that can drive an entire project. It’s not just what a project will look like, it’s what it will feel like.

Ultimately, we’ll enhance the lives of the people who use that space through thoughtful and bold design.

Inspiring today’s students

It’s a privilege to design the spaces that inspire today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders. We have extensive experience in working in K-12 and higher education. We know how to conduct public listening sessions and translate that input into inspiring designs, guide you through the approval process while meeting the legislated standards, and help you navigate the funding process.

Purpose, SGH Architects
Purpose, SGH Architects

Creating our favorite destinations

We design the spaces where people decide to spend their free time when they dine, shop, and play. How do we keep them coming back? By delighting them with the unexpected.

Integrated design solutions

We actively break down silos and take a fully integrated approach to our work. We offer complementary services, including interior design, which result in a unified execution of the design concept for our clients.

Purpose, SGH Architects

Working with us is a breeze

Work with Our Principals

We won’t just dazzle you at the initial presentation and then hand you off to our junior team members. Our partners will remain involved throughout the entire process.

Construction Documents That Hit the Mark

We create detailed construction documents that will help you to maintain control of your project. Your contractors can build what we design.

People, Then Projects

We’re service focused not project focused. We form long-lasting relationships with the people we work with, both here and there.

We Live Our Values

We place a high priority on our declared values. We work with companies that are likeminded and share our values.

Small = Nimble

We’re a smallish firm, so we’re able to change direction and shift priorities quickly as projects evolve.