Esri Building N


Redlands, CA

The recent building addition on the Esri campus in Redlands, California is one of the company’s newest adaptive re-use projects – the conversion of a former post office building into a viable and sustainably responsible office building. Esri’s Building N served as the region’s local post office until 2020 and is now an office building that is fully integrated into the fabric of the Esri campus.

Expansive outgoing mail staging areas have been transformed into inviting exterior collaboration spaces. Large photovoltaic panels extend across the existing roof structure and outward to adjacent parking and service areas, creating opportunities to offset the energy resources used by the facility. Adaptive reuse of the building’s original skylights brings sustainable natural light deep into the newly designed interior circulation and collaborative spaces. The re-imagined front entrance incorporates a warm, natural wood-clad trellis structure that visually softens the concrete walls and clearly demarcates the main entryway – all while aligning the building identity with the surrounding Esri campus.

With connected landscaped pathways, sustainable energy and lighting features, and interior and exterior spaces that facilitate collaboration, this transformation from a once bland mail processing area into an active and engaging office space is now complete.