Eric Anderson, AIA


Beginning his professional career in 1998, Eric has enjoyed a broad exposure to diverse project types, including research laboratories, biomedical device manufacturing suites, MOBs, critical-care hospitals renovations, entertainment venues and exquisitely detailed custom homes.

Eric has a great appreciation for the value of clear and thorough communication with clients, builders, colleagues, user-groups, and members of the community that gives him the knowledge and goals to complete satisfying and successful projects.

Eric believes design is all about communication. “No one can build beautiful buildings from poorly expressed ideas. At SGH Architects there are knowledgeable and thoughtful leaders. There is an opportunity to dive deep into designs through production and construction on a wide variety of project types with great clients.”

Eric is a member of the American Institute of Architects Inland California chapter, an amateur photographer, electric guitarist, calligrapher, and may also be found spending several very nerdy weekends teaching archery and fencing lessons at the Southern and Northern California Renaissance Faires.

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